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MEDICHROM S.A is Greek pharmaceutical research and development industry. It’s aim is to create innovative products both in the field of pharmaceutical products and herbal products – food supplements as well.

R&D department of the company is working on the development of new generic pharmaceuticals in order to produce new products available to patients every year. The activities of R&D department are taking place in the laboratories of our proprietary building at Markopoulo Mesogion in accordance with GLP and GMP specifications.

Intense R&D activity has led to the acquisition of Intellectual Property bestowed patented by the Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) such as:

Patent No: 1006173

Patent No: 1006323

Patent No 1: 1007755
Patent No 2: 1007518
Patent No 3: 20120100008

Patent No: 1006835

At the same time, our activities have expanded in developing of herbal products and food supplements to improve the life quality of modern man. Intense rhythms of everyday life, stress, lack of exercise, poor diet and neglect of self-care due to lack of time, have reduced our odds and increased our susceptibility to various diseases.

Our aim is to strengthen the human body naturally and prevent pathological conditions.

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