OMEPROL® is an anti-ulcer drug and belongs to the class of Proton Pump Inhibitors.

  • Reduces the acid quantity produced by the stomach and is used for the treatment of the following pathologic situations:
  • Duodenal ulcer
  • Benign gastric ulcer
  • Eradication of Helicobacter pylori, in combination with other medicines, in duodenal and benign gastric ulcer
  • Oesophagitis from gastroesophageal reflux, confronting of the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux
  • Zollinger-Ellison’s syndrome
  • Prevention of acidic gastric contents aspiration during general anesthesia in conjunction with other appropriate measures as appropriate.

Omeprazole, active ingredient of OMEPROL®, reduces gastric acid secretion with a unique mechanism of action.

Specifically, it inhibits selectively the proton pump in the parietal cell. Omeprazole acts quickly and causes reversible control of intragastric acidity with only one dose per day.

Oral administration of 20mg omeprazole once daily causes rapid and effective inhibition of gastric acid secretion, with its maximum achieved within the first 4 days of treatment.

Omeprazole 20 mg/E.C. cap Enteric coated capsules BT x 14 capsules BT x 28 capsules Untiulcer/ Proton Pump Inhibitor